Core SMT papers

updated 2021-04-10

Here is an annotated list of my favorite philosophically oriented texts explaining the SMT in detail. Perhaps start with #4….

List of core articles about SMT

O’Regan, J. K. (2016). How the Sensorimotor Approach to Consciousness Bridges Both Comparative and Absolute Explanatory Gaps: And Some Refinements of the Theory. Journal of Consciousness Studies, 23(5–6), 39–65. Download
O’Regan, J. K. (2012). How to build a robot that is conscious and feels. Minds and Machines, 22(2), 117–136. Download
O’Regan, J. K. (2011). Why red doesn’t sound like a bell: Understanding the feel of consciousness. Oxford University Press. Download
O’Regan, J. K. (2010). Explaining what people say about sensory qualia. In Perception, Action, and Consciousness: Sensorimotor dynamics and two visual systems (N. Gangopadhyay, M. Madary, F. Spicer (Eds), pp. 31–50). Oxford University Press Oxford. Download
Myin, E., & O’Regan, J. K. (2008). Situated perception and sensation in vision and other modalities. In P. Robbins & M. Aydede (Eds.), Cambridge Handbook of Situated Perception (pp. 185–200). Cambridge University Press. Download
O’Regan, J. K., Myin, E., & Noë, A. (2005). Sensory consciousness explained (better) in terms of ‘corporality’and ‘alerting capacity.’ Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences, 4(4), 369–387. Download
O’Regan, J. K. (2001). The ‘feel’ of seeing: Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 5(6), 278–279. Download
Noë, A., & O’Regan, J. K. (2000). Perception, attention, and the grand illusion. Psyche, 6(15), 6–15. Download
O’Regan, J. K. (1992). Solving the" real" mysteries of visual perception: the world as an outside memory. Canadian Journal of Psychology/Revue Canadienne de Psychologie, 46(3), 461. Download