From object manipulation to tool use: infants, robots, animals (2013)

University Paris Descartes, September 26th, 9am to 6pm
Venue: H432


9h30-10h J. Fagard Introduction: where do skills come from?
10h-10h30 D. Corbetta From reaching to grasping a tool-shaped object in the 1st year of life
10h30-11h J. Lockman When does tool use become distinctively human?:  The development of percussive tool use
Coffee break  
11h30-12h A. Kacelnik Dedicated and general cognition involved in avian tool use
12h-12h30 E. Price Processes underlying tool modification in children and chimpanzees
12h30-13h L. Fadiga The Neurophysiology of Object Grasping
Lunch H335
14h30-15h P-Y. Oudeyer Curiosity-Driven Development: From the Discovery of Object Affordances to the Discovery of Communication
15h-15h30 R. Braud, A. Pitti, & P. Gaussier Modeling the sensory-motor development: from the emergence of imitation capabilities to the discovery of tool-use
15h30-16h F. Guerin How could we get robots up to infant-level competence in manipulation activities
Coffee break  
16h30-17h R. Esseily Observational learning of tool use
17h-17h30 E. Somogyi Seeing Is Better Than Doing: Visual Familiarization With The Function Of A Tool Helps Learning More Than Manipulation Alone. A longitudinal study.
17h30-18h… K. O’Regan Introduction of discussion/discussion
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